How Much Money Do They Make: Income Prediction using Random Forest Regression April 14, 2019

Author: Sammy Lee


Tags: prediction, data science, machine learning, income prediction, random forest regression, income, regression, random forest

Today we're going to be using the UCI adult-data dataset which is pretty standard in machine learning, but useful for illustration purposes.

The model developed here attempts to predict whether someone makes $50,000 and over, or not per year based on their personal characteristics such as what type of degree they have, and their industry of employment, etc.

To interact directly with the model, go ahead and hit the Playground button.

If you get surprising results like this, for example, for a female working 60 hours per week with a Master's Degree as an Executive:

sample datapoint

It's because data with those features don't exist in the dataset:

SQL query

SQL Result


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